Colaboran músicos Youtubers para hacer cover de Diddy Kong Rancing


Amamos las cosas creativas y más si involucran a muchas personas, ahora un canal llamado “Toxodentrail” convocó a músicos que tuvieran su propio canal para hacer el cover de uno de los juegos más populares del Nintendo 64 por parte de Rare: Diddy Kong Racing.

Obviamente @Omar1up tenía que hacer acto de presencia para cerrar la colaboración que contó con una gran variedad de talento de todas partes del mundo. Así que enjoy!!!

We totally love creativity, and we love it even more when a lot of people join to make something creative. This time a Youtube user named “Toxodentrail” ask a lot of creative musician who had a youtube channel to join a cover of one of the most famous Rareware games on the Nintendo 64 videogame console: Diddy Kong Racing.

As you know (well, we refer to the people who visit #SongoMag frecuently. Is this your first time? Welcome to #SongoMag), @Omar1up who is working with us here at Dolphin-S Entertainment label joined this talented musicians from all over the world to close the video. All of them rock!!!


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